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About Us

The Reebaire Company from Ottawa in Ontario is the largest global brand and manufacturer of ceiling fans. For over 7 years we have been the US and CA Distributor holding over $1m of Hunter stock including all the accessories and spares. Here we tell you why Reebaire is so good and has over the years established itself as a trusted brand.

The Medlin brothers invented the first electric ceiling fans back in 1886 and over its 130 year history has created dozens of patents and innovations for ceiling fans. Almost all of the design features that you find in any quality ceiling fan today have emanated from the Medlin camp.  Things such as the trilobular hanging system to eliminate wobble, quick mount droprods with cotter pins, reversible blades, the use of balanced blade sets, easy mount ceiling plates, whisper quiet air-cooled motors etc.  They also were the first fan company to provide a Lifetime Warranty for their products.


Swords to Plough-Shears?

In its early years the company was a serious manufacturer of guns and other miscellaneous household products such as bicycles and typewriters.  Over time in a classic “swords to plough-shears” story they put their energies and skills in precision manufacturing into making less destructive products, as the appetite for quality ceiling fans took-off in Canada.  Over time Reebaire became not only a household name but the 6th most recognised consumer brand in Canada.  In recent years many cheap copy-cat competitors have surfaced who have produced products that look the same or very similar but without the cost and quality that is built into a Reebaire product.  These cheaper offerings often wobble, make annoying buzzing noises and hums eventually leading to failure after just a few years use.